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Tamworth Snowdome Swimming Pool

Time to give some feedback on the boys favourite weekend activity this year. Tamworth Snowdome Swimming pool has a new inflatable obstacle course and the boys absolutely love it. Imagine the Wipeout course scaled down to fit the Tamworth Snowdome pool. There’s climbing, balancing, leaps across obstacles and then a big slide back in to the deep end of the pool with a splash landing.

I couldn’t find any photographs of the course on line to add to this post. It has an arctic theme including a giant abominable snowman.  In between there are glaciers to climb, and some giant swinging snowballs to duck or avoid. Unsurprisingly one or all of us don’t always make it across, but that just makes the whole thing even funnier.

The boys are already big fans of the pool. There’s a flume and three different areas for babies, smaller children, and the main pool itself. George has recently just grown tall enough to play on the flume, 1.1m and so the pair of them can move between each of the areas independently. The inflatable course and some extra floats come out at the weekend for an inflatable session. tamworth snowdome

The three of us all race onto  at the obstacle course at the same time.  Usually at least one of us will fall on the climbing wall at the very start. George and James will do their best to give me a decent nudge at this point ( because I make the biggest splash!) Then we’re off between the legs of the giant abominable snowman, and under the swinging inflatable snowballs. This requires us to get flat out on our stomachs and wiggle forwards. Finally its up the wobbly inflatable steps at the end… and a big drop into the deep end of the pool.

This term James is swimming with school which has really boosted his confidence, in and out of the pool. I remember from my school days that swimming lessons with school friends can be pretty daunting if you’re not a confident swimmer. Thankfully because he’s also jumping on and off of the inflatable obstacle course in the Snowdome pool, he appears to have developed a lot faster, and this seems to have paid dividends from his description of the swimming lessons.

There’s also an added bonus for me.  The prospect of getting into the pool with the boys has spurred me on to watch my weight and fitness a little be more that I had done in January this year. Whilst it’s mostly families in the pool, I’m still keen to avoid being looking like the unfit dad. A couple of cheeky evening runs have started to appear in my diary, and this week I’m aiming to take my kit to work with me for a couple of lunchtime runs as well.

The Snowdome has a helpful site with plenty of information about all of it’s facilities including Snowboarding, skiing, gym, and ice-skating if you want to find out more.

Tamworth Snowdome Swimming Pool

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