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A taste of my own medicine








This weekend poor George arrived with a chesty cough.

My normal go to medicine is Lempsip hot blackcurrant sachets. When we arrived at the store I could only find Beechams equivalents. A man’s look at the packaging didn’t tell me whether they were appropriate for his age group. Panic!

At this stage James had already started to wonder off into the frozen desserts section and George was having a continuous coughing fit. I made a snap decision and grabbed a medicine that my friend swears by… Covonia.

Covonia is the cold and flu equivalent of electric shock therapy. No soothing painkillers and decongestants hidden in a hot sweet blackcurrant drink. This is a Mentholated Cough Mixture based on liquorice with a distinctive strong taste.
We got home and got busy with homework and before I could serve up the medicine, the cough seemed to have passed. It wasn’t until later that night I was woken by George having another large rasping cough, one after the other.

I gently woke him and offered him the old fashioned bottled. *URGH!* still half asleep he gave me a pained look rolled over and went back to sleep.

The rest of the weekend George tried his best to hide his cough and I caught him looking at me at the corner of his eye,  checking to see if I was coming to poison him again!

Do you give your children the dreaded menthol medicine, or are they’re any other remedies you can recommend?