Clip n Climb Exeter climbing centre

weekend parent clip and climb exeter
James tackles a climbing wall

Youtube – Clip of James and George racing up a wall together.

James favourite activity is climbing and so when we saw the centre advertised we absolutely had to go. We hadn’t been to Exeter’s Quay area before and it was a really pleasant surprise. Before starting our session we took a walk along the bank and in some of the boutique style shops in the area.

Inside the centre everything is very clearly sign posted and once we’d signed in there was a lovely cafe with a view over the clip n climb arena. The boys and I watched with trepidation as we waiting for our pre-booked start time to arrive.

After our induction we were off. Parents were encouraged to put on high-viz vests and assist with clipping and unclipping their children to the walls as they went up and down. On climbing walls that we’ve been to before we normally get a small handful of walls to choose from and they are all pretty much the same but with varying degrees of difficulty. Exeter was completely different. Each wall was unique with varying patterns, lights, grips, materials and much more. In addition there were tall vertical ‘chimneys’ to climb and all-sorts.

At the end of the session both boys were thoroughly entertained and we exhausted. Whilst it’s not cheap at £12 pounds each for a one hour session, it was definitely value for money with both boys completely satisfied.

Minimum Age is 4.  Minimum Height  for the Leap of Faith attraction is 110cm. The Clip ‘n Climb arena can accommodate 30 people, and I’d recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment.

Contact the Clip ‘n Climb team by email or by phone on 01392 422559 for more information.


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