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Angry Birds Epic by Rovio

Angry Birds Epic
Angry Birds Epic

George and James are massive fans of the Angry Birds games. I have to admit to being a slightly bigger fan of the star wars franchise, but Angry Birds Go and the more recent Angry Birds Epic are really big hits in our house.

George did record a quick discussion  with James about the game, but in true George style he gets a bit excited!

The birds have now broken away from their flying antics and are now engaging in a strategic war game (or RPG). All the normal characters that you would expect to find are here in the various bird heroes and piggy villains, Your role is to take them from battle to battle conquering the various towns on the map.

Of course the game is free and the makers encourage you to use the in-app purchasing to boost your ability to succeed quickly. As a parent who has in-app purchasing constantly blocked, it’s a win/win situation for me. The boys were able to progress through the levels with relative ease, and are rewarded at each stage with a comedy video which they rush to tell me about!

Another great Rovio product.

Moshi Monster Village – Tablet App

weekend parent review app moshi monster moshlings
My Moshlings

Visit Amazon for a copy of the  Moshi Village App

Both boys have been addicted to the world of Moshi Monsters for longer than I can remember. For those of you who are not familiar with the concept, you create a free online account and your child registers a monster which he or she has to care for. As well as completing puzzles and challenges your Monster can also collect hundreds of ultra cute ‘moshlings’ by planting seeds.

The launch of an android game for tablet users has been long overdue as the original game can’t be accessed by tablet computers which rely on android. This is not a full copy of the original game but instead and entirely new concept. The gamer creates there own village using

As with many Mind Candy apps, the game is free to download and offers users the option to boost their abilities through in-app purchasing. Even though I have blocked this option on my tablet, the boys seemed to be more than happy with the free content and were able to progress unhindered.

If your child already has My Singing Monsters then there are a lot of similarities. The gamer has to wait for a certain amount of time and collect a certain amount of objects before then can progress and unlock new features.

Another feature that this game shares with my singing monsters is the ability to link up with friends to exchange gifts. James and Gorge have cousins who play and they regularly exchange presents between each other which adds to the excitement.

I think it’s fair to say that anything with ‘Moshi Monsters’ written on the side would be a hit in our house, but so far the boys have spent many happy hours  playing the game without complaint.