Book Review: How to Train Your Dragon; A Hero’s Guide

Book Review: How to Train Your Dragon; A Hero’s Guide to Deadly Dragons

This summer George and James are taking part in the Staffordshire Libraries Summer Reading Challenge.  If they can each get through six books they’ll receive stickers and a medal from the library, as well as completing their mythical reading challenge charts.

James’s first book got us off to a flying start. All three of us are fans of the breath-taking ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ films but I hadn’t realised that there was also a series of books. A Hero’s Guide to Deadly Dragons is the first one that we’ve come across and it was a big hit.

The imaginitive story follows the memoirs of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third before he became the hero we know and love. As a young boy he struggles to make his mark, and in a Hero’s Guide, Hiccup is lost in the Library Labyrinth, in a time when books have been banned.


James (9) thorough enjoyed reading from cover to cover. George (6) had a lot of fun sounding out words that he knew, and marvelling at the illustrations. The loudest laughs probably came from me, especially when Stoick the Vast is drawn into the skirmish

At the end of the book is an enthralling guide to the dragon profiles, sword fighting and the world of the marauders,  to accompany the story and give even more depth to the charaters.

Other books in the serise include How To Speak Dragonese, and How to Twist a Dragon’s Tail.

Learn more about the Staffordshire Libraries Summer Reading Challenge here.

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