Thinktank Science Garden Millenium Point

Birmingham Thinktank Science Garden and Museum at Millenium Point


Thinktank Science Garden

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When it comes to free activities then we are first in the queue! If you have not already been to Thinktank in Birmingham then I would definitely encourage you to go. If nothing else the building and and grounds provide a lovely open space for children, just to explore, and run around. Even befor you consider what’s on offer. The Science Garden opened in Summer 2012. This outdoor space is completely free to enter and is full of interesting, well-designed activities. Even if, like George and me, you’re not interested in the science, you can still just start messing around with things and have and really enjoyable couple of hours. If you, like James, you are interested in the scient then there is a lot of information telling you about what the equipment is demonstrating. The garden is suitable for all ages. There is a stream running through the middle with steppins stones, so I’d advise caution with younger visitors, althouth there is a separate play park for tint tota. Our favourite of the many exhibits is the one in the video clip; a giant human-sized hamster wheel. If your child can make it go fast enough it will create enough electricity to light a small bulb at one end. Sadly for James, George was more insterested in turning it into a competion about which direction to travel! The website states that there are 42 hands-on exhibits. Certainly we got through about ten or twelve in a couple of hours before the West Midlands weather got the better of us, and we took shelter in the indoor exhibition space. We decidied to take a picnic with us and so the only thing we paid for the whole day was parking costs. If you’re inclinded to stretch the budget then there is the Thinktank museum itself, as well as the Imax cinema. Birmingham Thinktank and Science Garden can be foud at Millennium Point, Curzon Street, Birmingham B4 7XG Tel : 0121 202 2222. For opening times and ticket information please follow the link.

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