Crealy Adventure Park (and Crealy Family Theme Parks)

Crealy Adventure Park
Crealy Adventure Park

Click here to watch George on the water ride.

Crealy Adventure Park (and Crealy Family Theme Parks)

Crealy was recommended to us by another weekend parent. He explained that the ticket included free returns within the week and suggested stopping at one of the hotels in Exeter and then visiting the local beaches with the opportunity of returning to the park during the week.

We stayed at Hallloween week and there were lots of activities and shows put on. The boys carved pumpkins, visited spooky houses, and tried their luck with a haunted lucky dip. I understand that these vary through-out the year and certainly they added a lot to our visit, with the boys daring each other to go into the witches garden!

There are two parks, Devon and Cornwall. We visited the Devon park although I understand that there might have been more at Cornwall. That’s definitely one for another year.

The address for Crealy Park Devon:-

Sidmouth Rd, Exeter, Devon EX5 1DR. Tel 01395 233200

Ticket Prices and Opening Times are updated regularly on the website as well as all the latest news.

We’ve been to a few parks together including Drayton Manor (Thomas Land), and Legoland. I didn’t get the impression that Crealy was set up to compete with these parks, with expensive branding, promotions and bigger rides, but for our age group (6-9) it was ideal. The week return made it absolutely amazing value too.

What other parks would readers recommend? Do you have experience of the Crealy parks?

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